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Owoseni wants to make tennis a household name

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Former Vice President of the Nigeria Tennis Federation, Yemi Owoseni has stressed the need for Nigeria to encourage senior players in order to strike a balance in the development of the game in the country.

He said: “Over the years, we have spent a lot in developing tennis through hosting of tournaments and organizing clinics for junior players but frankly, we can achieve more success at senior level and that is why we need to push hard to make sure that when the players graduate to senior, they get a higher degree of support in order to keep pace with their peers across the world.”

The Vice-President of the Confederation of African Tennis (CAT) Zone 2, added that record shows that some of the continent’s top players once competed with our players at various junior tournaments but while they are competing at a very high level our players are lagging behind, as a result of limited or non-existing support.

One of the ways he highlighted as a way of aiding the senior players in growing bigger is to make sure that a trip to international circuits or futures is attached as parts of the packages for champions of national tournaments which he said will be upped to no fewer than six in his first two years in office.

Owoseni, among others, pointed that his urge to lead the NTF is borne out of the desire to make tennis a household name. He also stressed that it is imperative for the country to move into full gear regarding the development of tennis following the recent series of accolades that the country has been getting from the ITF.

“Relentlessly, lots of efforts have been put into the game during the past board led by Alhaji Sani Ndanusa, which the ITF acknowledged; we cannot afford to hold back as we have to consolidate on this,” said Owoseni, also the Ekiti State Tennis Association Chairman.


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