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‘My husband is crazy about my breast and sex is a must everyday’ – Ghanaian actress

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Mercy Asiedu with husband.

Ghana’s Kumawood actress, Mercy Asiedu has disclosed that her husband and herself enjoy sex and that not a single day goes by without them enjoying the act.

According to her, her body belongs to her husband and vice versa and they choose to use it for the purpose they deem fit and since they are youthful they will not stop enjoying sex.

‘We have sex almost every day. As for us, we don’t wait for the weather to decide on when to have sex when we are in bed and the feeling arises, we also arise to the occasion. We do it almost every day.

‘Even we would have done it before I came but the time you came to pick us was too early that is why we have not done it but we will certainly do it when we get home,’ the actress told Delay on the ‘Delay Show’.

Big boobs or not, I am sexy – Mercy Asiedu

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Speaking on her big boobs, Asiedu said she will rather flaunt her big breasts to glorify God.

‘Why will I be bothered about the size of my breast which is a gift from God? God gave everyone what fits them. Some have big buttocks and others have big breasts. I have big breast and I am so proud of it’.

‘It is partially a reason why I got my husband. He is crazy about it and admires it so much.’

Mercy Asiedu got married to Chief Agyemang on April 2, 2017.

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