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Ibeku crisis lingers, as Ukaegbu faction rejects peace settlement

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By Anayo Okoli

UMUAHIA—THE crisis rocking the leadership of Ibeku Community has deepened with the Princewill Ukaegbu faction of the Ibeku Egwu Asaa Development Association rejecting the peace settlement held last week by the Emeka Enyeazu group, saying that it was a farce.

The Ukaegbu group insisted that it was the authentic elected leadership of Ibeku Egwu Asaa union and challenged the Enyeazu group to produce the certificate of incorporation and seal of the association to prove that it is recognized.

According to the group, what happened last week was not a peace meeting between the two camps but a reconciliation of the Paramount ruler of Ibeku Kingdom, Eze Samuel Onuoha [Ogurube IV] and some people he sanctioned for allegedly desecrating Ibeku Land.

Rising from a meeting of what they called Ibeku Stakeholders, the group maintained that there was indeed no crisis in the leadership of the association, claiming that their leader, Ukaegbu was the only legally elected President of the association.

“For the avoidance of doubt, there was no peace settlement meeting ever held in Ibekuland, rather what transpired was that those who were sanctioned and ostracized by the Ogurube-in-council for desecrating the land went to Ogurube to beg for pardon and appeasement of the gods of the land.

“Let no one be deceived, the purported peace settlement did not take place, all that was done was a mere plea for readmission of those who had all along despised the stool of Ogurube and had shown repentance and had begged Eze Samuel Onuoha for forgiveness and this cannot be taken to mean ceding the presidency of Ibeku Egwu Asaa Development Association to Emeka Enyeazu who was not voted for by the Ibeku people in the December 26th 2016 national delegates conference.

“Prince B. B. Apugo [Ochiagha Ibeku] is a prominent son of Ibekuland and is not supporting any factional group in Ibeku, rather he is lending his weight to the true, authentic and genuinely elected executive of Ibeku Egwu Asaa Development Association led by Princewill Ukaegbu. So anybody associating him and other prominent sons and daughters of Ibekuland with supporting a factional group, is being mischievous.

“Let the truth be told, Ibeku is not for sale and the days of imposition are over forever and so anybody pushing for the recognition of any other person through the backdoor other that Ukaegbu as the President General of Ibeku Egwu Asaa Development Association is stoking the fire of disunity”, a communiqué from the meeting and signed by 14 persons said.

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