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Medical Second Opinion debuts in Nigeria

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By Sola Ogundipe

Nigerians that require second opinion about their medical conditions and diagnosis after consulting with their primary care doctors or specialists, can now obtain complete medical advice from some of the world’s best specialists, courtesy of a programme known as Medical Second Opinion.

The initiative that recently made its debut in the country, is being operated by Kingshaven Medical System Inc, a comprehensive medical clinic based in Houston, Texas, USA.

According to the programme’s main Consultant, Mr Segun Oladujoye, the   programme is about bringing quality medical care to the doorstep of Nigerians, through the  provision of second opinions to those with unresolved medical issues.

In a chat, Oladunjoye said  over the years, thousands of Nigerians have been seeking medical care abroad and don’t know where to go. He said the package is being provided as  a one-stop place for healthcare.

“The package provides health services for patients in Nigeria including visa procurement and accommodation abroad,” he said.

The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. George G. Miller said: “After meeting with your Primary Care Doctor or Specialist in Nigeria, patients that  require a second opinion can obtain consultation with our physicians abroad.

“Needs of all ages are  addressed, from prevention to routine care of illness and injury, to maternity care and specialised care for the most complex diseases, injuries, and conditions.

“A team can include various specialist physicians, experts in every area of medicine and other medical staff that are part of the programme.

Kinghaven’s Managing Director, Dr. Shailendra Shukla, and the Care Coordinator, Mrs Kamlesh Nigam, said consultations include face-to-face discussion on Skype with the local physician.

“First an assessment of the patient is carried out and a physician is attached, who then contacts the Nigerian physician as an integral part of the treatment.

“If the patient has to travel, such patient is referred to the appropriate specialist in the network. The advantage is that the patient can be seen within a day or two. The purpose is to quicken the process.

“We will communicate with the patient’s primary physician in Nigeria so that when the patient returns home, treatment continues. We prefer to work with the primary physician. The price is affordable, and based open diagnosis.”

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