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40% of people aged 45 have hypertension

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By Gabriel Olawale

A Chief Consultant in Family Medicine, Dr. Mamsallah Faal-Omisore has called for more proactive measures to control the rising incident of high blood pressure in Nigeria even as she identified race and sedentary lifestyle as the major causes.

Speaking during a two-day health awareness programme organised by Dennis Ashley Wellness Clinic, Faal-Omisore  said officially, 1 in 3 Nigerian adults above 45 has hypertension but presently there is a surge in the number approaching 1 in 2.

“Forty per cent of people above the age of 45 have high blood pressure, but by the time you are considering people within 70 years and above, 80 percent of them have hypertension.”

She explained reasons responsible for the rise:  “Every race has its own peculiarity, high blood pressure is common in the black race because as some  get older they tend to present with it.

“Also our lifestyle has really changed a lot, before we had more of active lifestyle, walking rather than sitting in cars and offices, exercises and eat a lot healthy food, less fat and not over weight.

Faal-Omisore however urged people to embrace a healthy lifestyle by go for medical checkup regularly, “The most important thing is to know what your blood pressure is, check it regularly, and when you are about 30 make sure you check it at least once in a year.

“If it stays normal then you make a right life choices, eat healthy, exercise regularly and make sure you are not over weight, cut down salt in your diet, keep your alcohol intake to minimum, stop smoking, cut down on caffeine, reduce your stress level because stress will always be their but how you react is important.”

“Un-managed hypertension can result in stroke, kidney failure because a lot of people are on dialysis today because their blood pressure was high and not managed.”

On his part, the Managing Director of Dennis Ashley Wellness Clinic, Dr. Chima Oti said that the two-days programme which covers health education and community health outreach aimed to promote healthy living among Lagosians, “Our theme is invest in your health; invest in your future. For the fact that you have not been to the hospital in the last six month doesn’t mean you are healthy, you have not check so you don’t know.

“It’s regrettable that a lot of people seek health information from wrong quarters and this has taken tolls on their health. We are here to give out the right information about healthy living. “

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