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You are being provoked out of barrenness

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Archbishop (Dr.) Olanrewaju OBEMBE

One of the challenges of living here on earth is facing THE ACTIVITIES OF MOCKERS and those who position themselves to deride and make us fret. Once you carry God’s Prophetic mandate, you will face those whose ministry is to mock, deride and provoke you. Mockers are always excited about un-answered prayers in our lives. They always come with a verdict that there is no way we would get out of our ugly situation and as such, they are all about town carrying negative stories about us. Psalm 3:2 “MANY THERE BE WHICH SAY of my soul, THERE IS NO HELP FOR HIM IN GOD.” It is necessary to note some characters in the Bible who persecuted men and women who were destined to be great. You have Peninnah in the life of HANNAH (1Samuel 1:6); Eliab in the life of DAVID (1Samuel 17:28); JOSEPH and his blood brothers; JOB, his friends and wife; the Pharisees in the life of JESUS. Mockers always forget the divine factor of God in our lives, that no matter what happens, GOD STILL HAS THE FINAL SAY.

PRAYER: Psalm 4:6 “There be many that say, Who will shew us any good? LORD, lift Thou up the Light of Thy countenance upon us.” LORD, I turn to You with the issues of my life. Father, Arise and prove the enemies wrong in my life. SHOW UP and let the enemy be put to shame in JESUS MIGHTY NAME

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