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Inside the world of Ricky Rick: Africa’s best dressed rapper

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This is Ricky Rick. Photos: Rickyrickworld

Fashion and music are the glue of hip hop culture both locally and globally.

These two elements have evolved over time, and that evolution has influenced how our favourite local hip hop artistes define their personal style, behave and how they compose their latest tracks as well as how they approach their personal brands.

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Well, same goes for South African rapper, Ricky Rick – whom if we’re to judge based on lifestyle and designer fabrics, is undoubtedly Africa’s finest fashion killer. Hands down!

Let’s take you inside the world of Ricky Rick.


He’s steady shopping on Gucci

You’ve NEVER seen an African hip hop artiste who rocks more Gucci than Ricky

All Gucci’d up
Gucci Gucci Gucci
Remember, It must be Gucci

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Or nothing

Ricky is on a whole new wave ever since he started rocking mainly Italian brands.

He studies Gucci as well
Which other artiste do you know study their favorite brand??

Don’t get it twisted, Ricky has always been a very fresh individual from when he stepped onto the scene.


But within two years, his style has evolved to a whole new calibre of strictly luxury wears.



For the love of style
Redefining fashion the best way he can.


He’s always fresh AF in designer wears

This time he decides to try Prada
The (Devil) wears Prada.
Ricky Rick rocks Prada better


He’s also BFF with fellow rapper, Cassper Nyovest

This must definitely be South Africa’s winning team
Still feeling himself in his Gucci
Guess he was the one who introduced Cassper to his personal barber.

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His style evolved from wearing Jordan to now rocking rare Gucci slippers and carrying Goyard bags.

Now you know how he rolling
A perfect example of ‘get your priorities right’

Style redefined!


This is what it means to be fresh in 2017

You can’t rock Gucci like Ricky
A sense of style is everything
And you have to be clean.
Responsible look.
And a lot of style. You could take pictures anywhere and make it lovely

That time he met another fashion killer, A$AP Rocky.

This picture is simply everything (If you’re a lover of fashion)

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When Ricky Rick met ‘The Real’ Fashion Killer!


How else do you define style?
You could wear what fits your budget
And still look good AF


Lastly, he’s a family man!

If you know Ricky Rick then you know he’s always about family.
And he doesn’t joke with his woman.
According to him, this lady saved his life.

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