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Man challenges police officer, asks why he should be called ‘Oh boy’

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By Nwafor Sunday

Despite the order from the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris to dismantle all illegal roadblocks in Nigeria by special X- Squad team, newsmen gathered that some police officers still mount roadblock in some strategic places in the country, perhaps to collect money from individuals or beef up security in the country.

The reason for their persistent mounting of roadblocks is a rhetorical question to field journalists. However, a man was caught challenging a police officer who is allegedly on duty, trying to search the man’s Tricycle. It was reported that the police officer called the man ‘Oh Boy’ which he took offence, thus seeks the reason from the officer why he should be called ‘Oh Boy’.

Recall that Mr. Idris had issued a statement that reads, “It is unlawful and contrary to the laws for any individual, or group under any name to take laws into their hands and block any road or highway in full or any part of it under the guise of collection of revenue/tax or enforcement of the interests of such organizations,”

Policemen at checkpoint

“Consequently, the Nigeria Police Force hereby advised the relevant state governments, local government councils, boards of internal revenue service across the country, various transport unions, labour and traders associations that it is against the law for any organization to create a blockage and restrict or restrain members of the public the free usage of roads and highways anywhere in the country.”

“Illegal blockage points were most times taken over and used by armed robbers and kidnappers to rob, kidnap and maim innocent travelers and other road users” he said.

However, efforts made by newsmen to file more report on this issue were buried in the mud. Neither the police officer nor the Tricycle man was contacted by journalists as of the time this report was filed. This made it impossible for newsmen to ascertain the reason why the duo challenges each other.

Moreover, the drama displayed by the officer and the Tricycle man holds an image of fight for justice. The police officer was busy reciting a poetic statement that reads thus, Is okay for you, is okay for you, I say is okay for you, whereas the Tricycle man was busy throwing pounces of words on him, hither trying to make him explain the reason why he should be called ‘Oh Boy’.

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