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20 memes about the trendy male #Rompers that will make you laugh hard

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Say hello to the latest male trendy outfit, Rompers.

Men’s rompers, brompers, rompers for dudes and the proper name, RompHim – surely you’ve seen one or more of these new fad floating around.

And if you haven’t, this photo gives you a good look of what we’re talking about.

Surely you’ve seen this outfit before

Rompers for men aren’t an entirely new idea, but for a recent Kickstarter attempting to bring the RompHim into the world of casual fashion, it has somehow been turned into something else.

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You need to get in line before it’s too late

And the memes are freaking crazy (If only you’ve been following the trend on social media).

The male rompers have caused more than a little conversation on the Internet, with many celebrating the idea.

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Watch out guys, this fashion trend is coming to a city near you

But the question that has been popping is, ‘How do guys rock same Rompers as their girlfriend’?

Check out the memes so far…


What ever you do, do not wear a Romper to a public occasion


Convicts been wearing this since the creation of earth.


She (Trump) nailed it!



Like what have you done? How much time do you have to wear your Romper?


The struggle of wearing a Romper same as yo’ girl


No babe, I look like a lil bitch


Ladies stop them, pleeaase!


How dare she?



Just know when he takes off his Romper, you better get ready for some action


When you thought you got your girl her own Romper


How you gon’ send me ya Romps boy??


Hope you get the attention you deserve


Coz Imma ‘slay King’


Hell nah, she gotta change bruh



But you rocked it while you was in jail


He’s actually chilling in orange Rompers


So what’s it gonna be? Rompers or nah?

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