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You’ve seen all sorts of makeup tricks but these 3D makeup lip-arts are totally bewitching

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  • They were all done with just eyebrow pencils.

In 3D format – and she did it with just eyebrow pencils.

You’ve been seeing all sorts of make-up tricks, but nothing like these 3D special-effects.

Consider just the realm of lip art, which has recently showcased crystal, marble, and galaxy lip landscapes.

She does all sort of lip arts

But makeup artist Mimi Choi ups the beauty with special-effects makeup, and her latest look is seriously something else.

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Its 3D spatial effect doesn’t come from any kind of template.
This is just amazing
Many of her other looks take on stranger vibes and inspirations.
Face split.
This is actually someone’s hand
Question is would you rock these makeups out?
Or even this for your wedding?

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