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Kendall Jenner’s new flame, ASAP Rocky’s home gets robbed of $1.5 million worth of property

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How they gon’ do ASAP dirty like that?

Another celebrity has been robbed and this time it’s rapper & model, A$AP Rocky.

His Beverly Grove home in Los Angeles was hit by a group of armed robbers late Tuesday (May 16) night.

First off, these guys are rich – isn’t their house supposed to be more secured though?

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The rapper who reportedly wasn’t home during the heist, had the three men forced his sister to show them around while they grabbed about $1.5 million worth of property. They also made a failed attempt to take Rocky’s safe, but couldn’t get into it because Rocky’s sister didn’t know the combination. The robbers left it on the sidewalk before they dipped off in their getaway car.

Chris Brown has been a victim of burglary countless times and recently it was Nicki Minaj to name a few.

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Question now is who’s gonna be the next victim?

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