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‘Isiaka Adeleke autopsy results seriously compromised’ – Davido’s family reject inquest, threaten legal action

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Late Isiaka Adeleke and Rauf Aregbesola

The family of late Nigerian senator, Isiaka Adeleke has, again, expressed their dissatisfaction at the ongoing inquest into the cause of the political stalwart’s death.

The family, while reacting to freshly released facts about Adeleke’s death on Wednesday, said the medical practitioners handling the autopsy were ‘unprofessional’ in their conduct.

Adedeji Adeleke, who represented the family at a press conference in Ede, Osun state, said the results released thus far were ‘seriously compromised.’

‘It is quite disheartening, that we live in a country where some of our supposed professionals can be so easily compromised by their paymasters without any regard to the oath they swore to as medical health practitioners,’ Dr. Adeleke said.

‘The Adeleke family hereby puts it on record, that based on the high level of unprofessional conduct already displayed by the CMD of LAUTECH, the integrity of the ‘Yet to be ready’ autopsy must have been seriously compromised.’

He added that the ‘family is consulting lawyers and is considering all legal options available to address this unfortunate and unprofessional conduct exhibited by the medical practitioners in this matter.’

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