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Leadership problems rooted in individual Nigerians—Idiodi

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By Oboh Agbonkhese

The problems of leadership in the country are rooted in the problems of individual Nigerians. So for the country to survive the current recession, everyone must imbibe self-mastery, desire higher knowledge, be creative, have strength of will and experience spiritual attunement.

These were the conclusions reached by Dr. Kenneth Idiodi, Grand Administrator and Director, Supreme Board, The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, at the organisation’s Lagos zone 2017 conclave, held on the theme Rosicrucianism for Socio-Economic Development.

According to Dr. Idiodi, “the greater the number of individuals equipped with the techniques of resolving personal problems, the better the society will be and, by extension, the better the leadership of that society and, of course, the better the nation will be. And this is what Rosicrucianism is all about.”

Other resource persons at the conclave were Professor Victor Kiri and Ekanem Koffi-Ekanem, while Dr. Augustine Agugua of the Department of Sociology, University of Lagos, gave a lecture on Nigeria’s Socio-Economic Development: An Improvement Agenda.

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