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‘I am not your role model, this is my life’ – Burna Boy has a message for the fans

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Not your regular Role Model.

Just two days ago, Burna Boy claimed to be fresher than anyone’s favourite artiste, because according to him, even your so-called favourite artiste tries to dress like him.

With that said, the singer’s now claiming he is not your regular ‘Role Model’.

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In a new message he shared, Burna Boy tries to justify the fact that he is just ‘25’ and has been through more than what most other people his age haven’t gone through.

He captioned this image with the message below…

‘I am nOT your Role Model. I am just a 25-year-old who has been through more than any 25-year-old should have to, therefore takes life one day at a time and tries to make the best of things,’ he said.

‘This is my REAL LIFE, don’t let your life be determined by how anyone lives theirs. You are Special and Amazing. You would not have been put on this earth if there wasn’t a Reason. I love you all. Love yourselves and each other. The World is Yours! #Rock$T️r.’

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