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‘It is my hope to provide answers to young Africans seeking success’ – Teju Babyface

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Teju Babyface

From his early success in acting to being a comedian and TV show host, Teju Babyface has had quite a journey to a successful career, which he retells in his book, Secrets of the Streets.

According to the comedian, he did not have intentions of relaunching the book originally released in 2016, but the feedback from readers and well-wishers was overwhelming.

And though he didn’t exactly grow up on the streets, Teju Babyface stated that he had a sheltered upbringing.

However, Teju Babyface maintained that this is perhaps the first Nigerian journal of instruction written to creative talents.

In his words: ‘While it is my hope that the book will provide answers for many young Africans who desire to have a successful career in the entertainment industry, it is more than just a book written to that industry and will be instructive for anybody desiring success in any industry, apart from crime.’

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