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Be warned! No job in Dubai

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By Nwafor Sunday

It is quite disheartening to see Nigerians travel abroad in search of greener pasture. Nigeria is a land full of potentials and great opportunities, but why the search for a greener pasture elsewhere?

Believe me, Nigeria is known internationally to be endowed with virtually all the human resources needed to keep a country moving. This is confusing and thus comes this poser, why do Nigerians travel outside in search of Jobs?

However, this is a question I believe most people have an answer to. Trading from the East, West, South and North, I deduced that the reason for this act is linked to political instability, economic quagmire and social unrest.

Watch for yourself the video clip:

In the above video clip, a man said over 5000 Nigerians were alleged to have traveled to Dubia in search of jobs but were disappointed after all. Most of them have two weeks visa, a month visa while some acquired one year, two years and three years.

The message to intending-Dubai travelers is that ‘There is No Job in Dubai’.

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