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A bonafide scientist: 6 facts the world must know about newly crowned Miss USA

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Miss District of Columbia USA Kara McCullough reacts after being crowned the new Miss USA in Las Vegas last night.

At the conclusion of last night’s live pageant extravaganza, Kára McCullough, Miss District of Columbia was crowned as the new Miss USA.

Kara beat 50 other state titleholders and took over the crown from 2016’s queen, Deshauna Barber — who was also Miss D.C., now go figure.

Take a look at six important facts the world should know about her.

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1. She was born in Italy


McCullough was born in Naples, Italy on September 9, 1991, which makes her 25.

Kára and her adopted mother.

There’s no information on her mother, Betty Ann Parker who, according to McCullough’s Mother’s Day Instagram post, raised three children that weren’t biologically hers, as well as two who were.



She works as a nuclear scientist at the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

This year, the Miss USA title went from an army captain to a scientist.


McCullough graduated with a degree in chemistry from South Carolina State University, where she was crowned the 75th Miss South Carolina State University.


Holding the university’s pageant title is not her only accomplishment, though.



3. She graduated with a degree in Chemistry from South Carolina State University

It’s okay to be beautiful and still have brains

McCullough graduated from South Carolina State University with a degree in chemistry and concentration in radiochemistry.


She was a member of S.C. State’s Honors College, the American Chemical Society, the Health Physics Society, the American Association of Blacks in Engineering and the American Nuclear Society.


In 2012, McCullough was crowned the 75th Miss South Carolina State University at the school’s annual Coronation Ceremony.



4. About her day job at the nuclear commission

It’s only natural that McCullough put her education and brains to good use in her professional life.


In her pageant intro video, she said she had a fear of math as a child and overcame it to become a scientist.


‘It all became clear that I am in competition with myself, when I overcame my fear of math at a young age, graduated with a degree in Radiochemistry and decided to be the only scholar in my class to major in Radiochemistry.’



5. She received positive attention for wearing her hair naturally curly during the pageant

All natural.

Speaking to Refinery29 before Sunday’s event, the pageant-winner said, ‘When I chose to wear my hair curly, I was afraid… I didn’t know if people were going to accept it…if anyone was going to be receptive to it at all.’


The 25-year-old then said she ultimately decided it was best to embrace what makes her feel most comfortable and confident onstage.


6. She funds an outreach science program for kids