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Why law enforcers should be taken off Nigerian roads

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Nigerians are beginning to have enough of all law enforcers in the country.

Indiscriminate killings of innocent citizens and gross injustice have characterised their actions in the past months.

No fewer than eight innocent persons have been killed in the past two months as a result of police recklessness.

A senior officer at Ijeshatedo Divisional Police Headquarters, allegedly pulled the trigger on a 23-year-old fashion designing apprentice last Sunday.

Earlier, about three weeks ago, some policemen were said to have assaulted a presenter and stole an iPad, while claiming there were in search of ‘yahoo boys.’

Another sad incident that left a bad taste in the mouth was the killing of a woman at the Onipanu area of Lagos by officers who were reportedly in pursuit of ‘yahoo boys.’

These killings have mostly passed without grave consequences for the culprits.

Some Nigerians say they will be better off looking after themselves.

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