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‘I was mentoring him’ – 33-year-old US teacher caught with 15-year-old

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The drama teacher said she was mentoring her former student

Pamela Stigger has been arrested and arraigned in court on charges of sexual battery and lewd behaviour with her 15-year-old.

The 33-year-old part-time model and drama school teacher was caught by sheriff deputies with the half naked minor in the backseat of a car.

The car was obstructing traffic at two in the morning.

According to the deputies, she initially denied any wrong doing, insisting instead that the boy was trying to seduce her.

However, Stigger changed her defence and said she was trying to mentor the boy.

According to a spokesperson from the sheriff’s office, ‘She did say that she was in the process of mentoring this past student of hers, even though it was two o’clock in the morning, and they were in the back seat of a car.’

Stigger will now miss her drama students’ performance scheduled for this weekend

A parent of one of Stigger’s current students, Carl Barry, explained how crushed his daughter would be, as they were scheduled to perform this weekend.

‘I know this is going to crush her. I know this is going to crush her. They worked to hard to prepare for this.’


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