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Raped by their relatives, violated by strangers: These women’s accounts of their experiences with men will break your heart!

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On Thursday, we reported the story of Karabo Mokoena, the South African lady that was murdered and burnt by her boyfriend.

Karabo’s story has been trending on social media and might have given more women the courage to speak up about their horrible experiences in the hands of men.

#RIPKarabo: This gorgeous South African lady was murdered and burnt by her boyfriend

Hundreds of women are currently pouring their hearts out on a Twitter thread that asked them to share the worst experience they’ve had with a man.

See some of the heartbreaking stories women are sharing below.


One told of how her father nearly killed her…


Kiki was brutally assaulted by a supposed customer…


@curvyslim was violated by her father as a child…


@aye_yo_renata was raped by a friend…


@nelzie101’s cousins took turns to rape her…


@lwazzzee was nearly strangled by an ex who thought he owned her…


More painful stories below.




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