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Karabo Mokoena’s dad thanks everyone for their support after daughter’s gruesome murder

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Tshepo Mokoena (bottom far left), her boyfriend (top far left) and the late Karabo

A father’s pain rippled beyond borders following the gruesome murder of his daughter, Karabo Mokoena in the hands of her boyfriend.

Karabo had been missing since April 28 and her friends took to social media sharing her pictures and imploring anyone with news of her whereabouts to reach them.

Unfortunately, she was murdered and burned by her boyfriend, who confessed to her dad, Tshepo Mokoena.

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Her dad revealed as much on his Facebook page earlier today, saying:

Tshebo went on to thank everyone for their support while the search for her was on.

One of Karabo’s friends, Nigerian singer, Niyola was among those who expressed their pain at the news; as it turns out she was in an abusive relationship with Sandile who had previously hurt her.

She said, ‘My friend was murdered by her ex and burned beyond recognition.

‘Before then he had battered her black and blue on one occasion and would constantly drain her emotionally.

These signs were there, he tried to kill her many times until he succeeded.’



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