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This convo between a passenger and a hot female driver will crack you up

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Some of the world’s most eye-opening conversations happen in cabs between the driver and the passenger and this thread is proof of it.

A male passenger took to Twitter to recount a conversation he had with a female Uber Driver and it’s low-key the funniest thing ever.

Not only did he get to be driven by a hot girl, he also got schooled and possibly landed himself a romp session


Here’s how he told the story:


From her profile picture, he knew this was gonna be a lit ride


Uber so flyyyyy


How do you start a convo with an uber hot babe?


When Google lets you down


But the bounce back is on


Brings the koko up


Stories that touch


She’s hot and got dignity


But hold up …


We are now naming stroke game by social statuses? Well received!


This disappointing boyfriend of hers needs strokes … of koboko!


But Miss Hot Stuff too, only enjoying sex in the hours? Ah!


Well then, she would need side dish to satisfy her, right?


And just like that …


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