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‘I like Will Smith very much’ – ‘Aladdin’ director, Guy Ritchie on who plays Genie

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So classic cartoon, Aladdin is getting a live-action musical remake with British director, Guy Ritchie at the helm.

And word’s been going round that Will Smith would voice the role of Genie; previously voiced to global acclaim by the late Robin Williams.

‘I can’t give you any updates. I mean, I like Will Smith very much,’ Ricthie told E! News.

‘It would make me very happy to be making it with him, but the whole thing is very exciting. I’m looking forward to it.’

Will Smith is rumoured to be in for the role to voice Genie in the Aladdin remake

Aladdin was a firm favourite back in the ’90s and grossed half a billion dollars, making it the highest grossing film of 1992.

Meanwhile, a former Disney executive had once stated there was actually enough material left by Williams for the voice of Genie.

There’s just one problem. His contract won’t allow the studio to use those materials until 25 years after his death. Bummer!

Regardless, if Smith does end up with the role, it would be his first animated role since Shark Tale back in 2004.

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