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#BowWowChallenge takes over the Internet, serves hilarious reminder that everyone lies on social media

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Shad Moss aka Bow Wow

We don’t know if you heard, but the Internet is undefeated, and unfortunately for Bow Wow he was caught in what’s regarded as fake flexing – uploading an Instagram post that included an image of a private jet, only to have a passenger on the flight he was actually taking upload a picture of him on a commercial plane.


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Now, social media users everywhere are roasting Bow Wow, and in an attempt to make the roasting more creative, they’ve created the Bow Wow Challenge hashtag.

Being a part of the Bow Wow Challenge only requires you taking a photo – whether by a clever trick of framing, perspective, or just a nice filter, as it gives your followers the impression that the life you live is far more glamorous than it is.

Then you post the final image beside the full view, and you’re done.

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Check out some of the best we’ve seen so far…

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