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What’s next now that Mercy Aigbe, Tonto Dikeh, Toyin Aimakhu and co have ruined a major part of Pop Culture for us

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Pop Culture: modern popular culture transmitted via the mass media and aimed particularly at younger people.

Couple goals: [well according to Urban Dictionary at least] ‘That’ couple that has it all. Non-stop laughter, cute AF and you just know they’ve got a bangin‘ sex life.

So basically, this means…

Assuming what was also banging asides Mercy Aigbe’s head (against God knows what) was the sex.


And this,

Image result for Tiwa Savage showers praises on husband

Until this…


And this,


Clearly, the 21st-century celebrity couple does find the ‘don’t air your dirty laundry in public’ saying, a mere suggestion.

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A classic example is the ongoing drama between Mercy Aigbe and her husband. And, what happened between Tonto Dikeh and her husband barely two months ago. And almost all of your favourite light skinned actresses in the recent past.

Not to say that the chocolate skinned celebs don’t feature once in a while, but you’d agree that the light skinned ones seem to have a knack for this sort of controversy, more.

Social media, their preferred spot for showing off their boos and baes is constantly being used to flaunt their partners – boyfriends, fiances, husbands or someone they allegedly stole from an unsuspecting bae.

And this, is ruining the extremely popular ‘couple goals’ part of Pop Culture.

You see, quite a large number of impressionable youths see celebrity marriages through rose colored glasses. Worse, they think celebrity marriages are the templates for long lasting – or at least – an enjoyable marriage.

It doesn’t matter if the marriage is all of two minutes old. Or that their parents might actually be the real couple goals (but hey, they’re not below 40 and don’t look like they have bangin sex.)

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Or in the case of a very recent example; Adesua and Banky, is not even a week old. And in some traditions, isn’t even considered marriage yet.

Yet, these fans do not learn. So maybe it’s about time everyone moved on from this nonsensical fad?

Like can we actually spank or duct tape anyone who has the nerve to call anyone outside of their family tree, ‘couple goals’

Boycott celeb photos with their spouses/partners? Imagine a celeb posting a photo with their spouse and it gets one like; their own like?

Maybe then, these celebs wouldn’t feel the need to flaunt their k-leg relationships, heavily filtered couple photos, just to prove a point to absolutely no one.

And this couple goal nonsense can be over once and for all.

And then, we can focus on getting rid of Bobrisky next.

Hey, can’t you take a joke?

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