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See the exotic lifestyle of a 25-year-old student who earns N1.5m monthly from her ‘Sugar Daddy’

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Ilham Chocolat is a 25-year-old Togolese student who lives in Italy.

Chocolat dates a 60-year-old doctor who gives her £2,500 (about N1.5m) monthly, Daily Mail reports.

They met through a friend.

‘I find men of my age very immature. So, when I met the older man, the doctor, he offered me a figure that I needed in that moment of my life. He didn’t want anything physical from me. He was very, very smart,’ Chocolat said.

Chocolat and her ‘sugar daddy’

She says she only goes out on a date with him twice a month in return, and no sex is involved.

The doctor says she ‘makes him feel like a small boy.’

She added, ‘He gives me an allowance of 3,000 euros (£2,500) a month. He takes me shopping and anything I want he gets me. Whatever I want or need, I can have. If I need 5,000 or 6,000 euros I just ask him.’

Chocolat’s ‘sugar daddy’ has bought her a bar in Italy

Chocolat’s 36-year-old boyfriend knows about her platonic relationship with the doctor and has no problem with it.

She has gotten many expensive gifts from the doctor, including a diamond ring and a bar in Italy.

Chocolat has even introduced him to her family.

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