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Pakistan resumes census after deal to end deadly Afghan border fight

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Pakistan on Monday resumed its census in border villages, after Islamabad and Kabul agreed to conduct a survey for a fresh demarcation of a disputed frontier area following deadly clashes recently, officials said.

Fighting erupted on Friday between Afghan border police and Pakistani troops escorting officials conducting the census near the border in the province of Balochistan.

Over a dozen people, who were mostly Pakistani civilians, were killed, while almost 100 were wounded.

However, the officials said the fighting lasted for the entire day.

Pakistani authorities then postponed the census in two disputed villages, fearing a repeat of the clashes.

No fewer than 2,000 families from the villages were evacuated from the area out of fear that their houses might come under shelling from Afghan side.

According to local administration chief Qaiser Khan, the census has resumed today after the agreement.

“Schools and colleges were reopened in the area and life was slowly returning to normal after days of fear.

“Work has resumed on both the Pakistani and Afghan side of the disputed border.

“Findings will be shared with authorities in two capitals,’’ Khan said.

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