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Justice as a Service [Another Perspective by Oluwole Leigh]

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Justice is an ecosystem of Lawyers, Courts, Law Enforcement officers and Procedures that should ensure that grievances are disposed of in a fair and equitable manner.

However, the Nigerian reality ensures that justice is often denied or delayed. The peculiar nature of the Nigerian Judicial system gives rise to what I call ‘Justice as a Service’.

The concept of ‘Justice as a service’ is taken from the world of Information Technology. The original idea involves the provision of IT Services in an on-demand and scalable manner.

Private and public Individuals with the right connections are able to procure a streamlined model of justice that is applied at their behest. With the right connections, investigation and prosecution of any offence are combined and unleashed in a lethal manner.

The under listed examples help to explain this concept in a simple manner:

– The arrest and prosecution of Stella Otobo by Apostle Suleman
– The arrest and prosecution of Audu Maikori by El-Rufai
– The arrest and prosecution of Kemi Olunloyo by Apostle Ibiyeomi

These cases have similar characteristics:


Distance is no barrier

Audu Maikori

Audu Maikori was said to be in Lagos at the time of his arrest and was flown to the Northern part of the country for interrogation.

Stephanie Otobo flew into Lagos from Canada and was arrested on the orders of the Warri-based Apostle.


Quick Turn around time

Kemi Olunloyo

The police investigated Kemi Olunloyo‘s statements about Apostle Ibiyeomi, arrested and arraigned her within the space of seven days.


Imbalance of Power

Apostle Suleman and Stephanie Otobo

The aggrieved party usually enjoys a higher economic / social status than the victim of the aggression. Stephanie is said to be an unrated singer while the Apostle is an International figure.


The end game

The aim of these actions is not to dispense justice to the aggrieved party but to deter other citizens from repeating such actions.

Audu Maikori has reduced his activities on social media to the barest minimum.

Stephanie Otobo has escaped to Canada where she may be able to find some justice while Ms. Olunloyo has gone mute.

‘Justice as a Service’ is no different from the public lynching of individuals that we see in many market spaces.

Unfortunately, the status quo will remain until equity and the rule of law become entrenched in our polity.

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