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What you must know about France’s newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron, including his wife who’s 25 years older

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Macron casts his vote in the first round of presidential elections

Nigerian youths are quick to point out the fact that leading French presidential hopeful, Emmanuel Macron is just 39 years old.

This bit of info helps add credence to the argument that more young Nigerian need to be allowed into politics.

That aside, this 39-year-old has lived quite an interesting life already, more so as he’s now been elected as the next French president after beating Marine Le Pen in the second round of the elections today, May 7.

These are some of the facts about him.


Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron


He was a member of the Socialist Party before forming En Marche!, a move which led to him being reprimanded by outgoing president Francois Hollande at the time.


Macron eventually resigned from government in August 2016 and declared his presidential ambition in November 2016.


She was his teacher when he was 15


She’s 64 years old and has three children but that’s not all. She was his teacher in school.


Macron had no political party until last year


You read that right. He was in the same class with his wife’s daughter back in the day.


Love for all ages


The story goes that he admitted being in love with her when he was just 17; she was in her early 40s then.


According to her, Macron asked the mother-of-three if together they could re-write sections of the play The Art of Comedy by Eduardo De Filippo, to expand it to include 15 new roles.


To that end, they started seeing each other every Friday, but not romantically.


Brigitte and Emmanuel


Brigitte admitted, ‘Little by little, I was won over by his intelligence. I still haven’t measured all its depths.’

The couple kiss at a campaign rally


Holding hands


In October 2007, the 54-year-old Brigitte and the 29-year-old Macron married in the upmarket town of Le Touquet, where they have a home.


This was 21 months after she divorced the banker André Louis Auzière.


A number of questions come to mind. First, as Nigerians, have we reached that phase in our lives when we can marry irrespective of a vast age difference? Can men openly marry much older women in these parts?


Also, this is potentially going to be France’s youngest ever president, when will Nigeria have a president that young?


And finally, knowing all this, would you still like to be Emmanuel Macron?

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