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Nollywood must master the art of making great sequels and merchandising for a bigger industry

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In recent times, Nollywood has had its fair share of good reasons to be celebrated unlike previous times when it was all criticism.

Nollywood films now have more international exposure, with a number of them being screened at major film festivals like TIFF.

Most of all, a good number of Nollywood films are doing well enough in the cinemas. Just a few years ago, it was a miracle to have one shown on the big screens in Nigeria.

Now with a film like The Wedding Party grossing half a billion naira before the cold hands of death piracy pretty much kept it from making more, the industry must really sit to figure new ways of appealing to the audience.

Hugely popular films tend to have sequels or a spin-off movie or series; and who says The Wedding Party can’t become a weekly series about two families varying ways of preparing for their children’s wedding in each season?

Some of the best films Nollywood gave us in 2016

Old classics such as Sango, Saworoide, Igodo, and more could also be redone, with the storyline expanded properly to have other characters portrayed more.

Look at the way Marvel went about creating an interlinked superhero universe with their series of Avengers movies along with movies for each member of the Avengers.

Those movies have earned Marvel Entertainment billions of dollars at the box office – exclusive of merchandise sales and other money earning activities.

Now imagine having merchandise being sold off the success of ‘The Wedding Party’; such as a toy mimicking Sola Sobowale‘s ‘kangaroo dance’ in the film.

Coolest entrance EVER

Yeah, selling T-shirts and caps are fine no doubt, but it should go beyond that for film producers and studios in these parts.

Imagine seeing statuettes of Sango being sold at malls or native attires used in movies being made available on the movies’ website well after the film was released?

Okay, my imagination may be crossing the line, considering how religious you people can get over these things; before Sango statuette starts running the household mad like the one in The Figurine.

While it is nice that our filmmakers are making more effort to produce higher quality movies, they (and the film studios) need to start looking into the untapped area of business in Nollywood.

But first, Nollywood has to get most of the basics in filmmaking right and be able to boast of a score of critically acclaimed films every year.

When it becomes difficult to make a top 10 list of movies of the year because of the quality rather than the lack of it; then we can start talking of sequels, spin-offs and merchandising.

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