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BREAKING: Nollywood actor, Adeshina Adesanya dies from kidney failure

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The actor died soon after Nollywood colleagues rallied to help him

Adesina Adesanya, a Nollywood actor, who was suffering from kidney failure, has died.

His demise came just days after his colleagues and fans rallied to raise funds for his treatment.

They were raising funds from the public in order to get Adesina a kidney transplant surgery.

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He had earlier been reported to be responding to treatment gradually and was expected to be back on his feet.

Adesina was more popularly known as Pastor Ajidara for his role in Abela Pupa.

He was fondly called Pastor Ajidara by fans

Late Nollywood stars, Muna Obiekwe and James Uche also lost their lives after batting kidney related diseases.

Only a few have survived the ailment in the growing Nigerian entertainment industry.

ALSO: Nollywood actor Leo Mezie returns from London after kidney surgery

One of them, actor, Leo Mezie recently returned from London after a successful kidney surgery and is back to work.

Meanwhile, popular TV presenter, Emmanuel Ugolee – who recently needed for N50m for surgery – has lived with stage five of chronic kidney disease for five years.

May Adesina’s soul rest in peace.

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