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Ghana suspends salaries for 26,600 ‘ghost’ workers

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Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo: Finance Ministry stops salaries to ghost workers

In Ghana, the salaries of about 26,600 public sector workers have been suspended by the country’s finance ministry, on the suspicion they could be ghosts.

According to, the move was part of the  drive to clean up government payrolls and fight corruption.

Local media reported, however,  that some real employees with clean records have been affected by the measure.

The country’s treasury had said in a statement last week it had directed that the April salaries of 26,589 workers be suspended for failing to comply with a directive asking them to register with the biometric system of the country’s social security fund, SSNIT.

The Ministry has however assured that workers whose salaries may have been mistakenly blocked would be rectified and paid on the 15th of May.

This crackdown follows a payroll audit conducted by the finance ministry, which was welcomed by President Nana-Akuffo-Addo , who said that ghost workers were costing his government over USD 103 million a year.


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