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‘Thank you for the inspiring words, but tell us how you make your money’ – Nigerians tell HushPuppi

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Dream big. That’s what Hushpuppi is teaching us.

Earlier today, Malaysia-based Nigerian big boy, Ray Hushpuppi, told his rags-to-riches story and advised every young ghetto kid out there to keep their heads up on whatever they choose to do.

After we published the lengthy read; the comments gathered from our Facebook shows our readers are more interested in something else.

How does HushPuppi make his money?

One user commented, ‘Okay o mr Hushpuppi we don hear you. Thank u for the inspiring words, but how we wan take know how to make this money when u no dey show us how you take get’am.’

Another user commented;

Meanwhile, most users are still pained over the N11m Hushpuppi spent in one night

90 percent of the commenters are asking same question

Even with the lengthy post, this person is not impressed

The comments are just crazy, Lol

Although hundreds of users want to know the source of his wealth, a good number of people are not really interested.

He’s got admirers though

With all of that said, what side are you on?

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