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TB Joshua angry with Nigeria for snubbing Anthony Joshua

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T. B. Joshua

General overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Prophet TB Joshua is moving to Israel.

TB Joshua, who has the ghost of 116 people killed in a Synagogue building collapse beclouding his head, reportedly said Nigeria, and Africa, keeps pushing great minds and talents away.

Speaking at his church recently, the cleric accused Nigeria of rejecting world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua.

But reports say Nigerian coaches rejected Joshua because he failed to train with them. It would have been unfair to give him preference over local boxers who trained with the coaches.

World beater: Anthony Joshua.

But TB Joshua suggests the country should have embraced Joshua, who now fights for Britain, all the same. He also accused Africans of persecuting his ministry.

‘What happened to me from the beginning of my ministry is enough to chase me out of this country – but I am still in your midst,’ TB Joshua said.

‘Upon the persecution and hatred I decided to follow the path of love.

‘You show hatred; I show love. When I go for a revival, you will see the stadium full but I am not carried away by that. I leave where I’m celebrated to live where I’m persecuted,’ said the cleric.

TB Joshua: Honoured in Israel, rejected at home.

But he added that he was done with Nigeria and Africa, and ‘I am relocating to Israel.

‘This is where my Father in Heaven came from – it’s non-negotiable,’ he said.

‘This is the most persecuted ministry in the world. Who are the people persecuting the ministry? My people, Africa.

‘That is why I choose to live a lonely life. If you want to see me, come to this church. I don’t go out. It has not been easy – because I don’t know who is a friend or who is an enemy.

‘If you learn T.B. Joshua is not around, I am in a revival. I live in the church here. I don’t have a house outside.

‘Anytime you pray, remember Africa in prayer.

‘Many heroes and great people have been chased out of Africa. There are many geniuses in the Western world who are originally from Africa,’ TB Joshua said.

‘We heard the Nigerian government is begging the prophet to stay. They will also, according to information minister Lai Mohammed, invite Anthony Joshua to “come and do something back home.’

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