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“New fire extinguisher technology in Nigeria to minimise risk”

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By Moses Nosike

A self activation fire suppression system, FirePro aerosol canister manufactured in Cyprus is now distributed in Nigeria by Crown Safemasters Nigerian Limited to minimise fire risks and improve on old system of fighting fire outbreak. The new technology which deals with less human efforts during fire outbreak is been tested to last up to 15 years.

During a seminar on the conveniences and safety of the new fire combatant in Lagos recently, Business Development Manager, FirePro, George Michael said that for over 20 years, FirePro was commissioned to safeguard key assets across a portfolio of prestigious customers in more than 110 countries around the globe, while the Condensed Aerosol units are made of highest quality materials, certified for a shelf life of 15 years and are listed/certified by UL, ULC, BSI, KIWA and other notified bodies.

“FirePro Condensed Aerosol systems are used in the fire engineering field as a substitute for traditional gaseous type agents or in applications where pressurized storage systems were not feasible or economically viable”.

Continuing, Michael said that the product range includes units of various sizes starting from the smallest 20gr unit to the largest 5700gr and it can be used either alone, in multiples or in combination to protect from fire the smallest volumes such as electrical panels (internally) to the largest volumes of warehousing, power generation plants and more (total flooding).

According to him, the units are integrated by using an advanced range of control and indicating panels and a state-of-the-art thermo bulb self-activating devices (otherwise known as stand-alone systems) that operate in the absence of electrical power. It can also be installed in electrical panels, electrical substations, engine compartments, control rooms, cable tunnels, power generator rooms, warehouses and archives, telecommunication stations, vehicles, railway, marine vessels and yachts.

Nigeria needs this kind of advanced technology to combat fire outbreak because it’s space and weight saving, minimal maintenance costs, easy installation in new and/or retrofit projects, easy connection to conventional fire detection and activation systems etc. It has operating temperatures of 50oC to 250oC with up to 98% humidity.

The Managing Director, Crown Safemasters Nigeria Limited, Mr. Joel Unuaga, said that the product is designed in Europe to suppress fire outbreak. It’s unique in the sense that it is a self-activation system installation that does not need  human operation to arrest fire outbreak.

In addition, the Executive Director of the distribution company, Crown Safemasters Nigeria Limited,  Alex Imegu said that the new fire technology, FirePro would help curtail fire outbreak in the country and the challenge of under risk control in insurance claims and other aspect because risk management and control damages is low in Nigeria. Nigeria has lost markets, shopping malls and houses to fire, and it draws the economy backwards after loosing goods and belongings worth billions of Naira.


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